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Nessie and Me02:10 min
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Almost two decades ago, a brilliant young soldier volunteered for an experimental special-ops program after terrorists killed his father. Subjected to brutal training, the elite-trained assassin who became Jason Bourne was molded into a human weapon who, according to his designers, malfunctioned. When Bourne tracked his makers, they tried to erase him and took away the only woman he ever loved. Once he found revenge, learned his real identity and what he believed was the goal of his creators’ campaign, Bourne felt a semblance of peace and vanished. But when a new program is activated, he is flushed out of hiding by a network more dangerous than any individual government. The goal of this power nexus is to manipulate terror, technology and insurgency to fit its end game. While his pursuers believe Bourne will come in for reconditioning, the most elite weapon ever designed knows what his trackers cannot grasp: even broken soldiers defend the innocent from those with unchecked power.

Rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association of America for intense sequences of violence and action, and brief
strong language.

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  • Directors Jim Wynorski
  • Actors Michael Paré Toni Hudson Paul Wallace Shay Dickerhoff
  • Genre Adventure Family Closed Captions Nessie & Me
  • Studio Format
  • SDH
  • Subtitles
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